Kaatz Law PLLC
Helping Trademark Owners Protect Their IP Rights on the Internet
Legal services. Kaatz Law PLLC helps trademark owners protect their IP rights on the Internet. We provide legal services to trademark owners, including online trademark protection. While Kaatz Law excels in intellectual property protection on the Internet, we also have experience in almost any legal field related to the Internet:

  • Online trademark and copyright matters.
  • Tailored non-disclosure agreements, assignments, licenses and recordations in relation to various intellectual property transactional matters.
  • Privacy policies and terms of use conditions for clients’ websites.
  • Execute complete online brand protection strategies, including investigations and acquisitions of domain names from cybersquatters and other third-party registrants through negotiation, arbitration and litigation.
  • Advise clients with regard to the use of keywords and sponsored links, specifically concerning the use of trademarks in search engine optimization.


Consultation services. Kaatz Law also provides consultation services with regard to the introduction of new top-level domains, including advice on registering new top-level domains and enforcing trademark rights in new top-level domains created by third parties.